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  • Montblanc
  • Chanel
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Calvin Klein Inc.
  • Prada
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Tom Ford
  • Guess
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Versace


The attraction to fragrances dates back thousands of years. As far as modern society is concerned, perfumes have become an integral part of everyone’s life, especially for young adults. A good perfume can lift your spirits. Choosing a perfume that reflects your mood is also helpful. Here are 3 top picks from each of the most recognizable perfume brands.

10. Montblanc International

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • Mont Blanc Legend
  • Mont Blanc Explorer Ultra Blue
  • Mont Blanc Individuel Tonic

Hamburg, Germany is home to Montblanc, a luxury goods manufacturing company. This company provides a variety of products with a wide variety of styles including bags, jewelry, watches, perfumes, and other accessories. A number of fruits have been used in the production of their fragrances, including apple, pineapple, verbena, and oakmoss. It’s no surprise that Mont Blanc scents live up to their reputation. The Mont Blanc colognes and perfumes are each unique from one another, yet they all perform remarkably well.

09. Chanel

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • Chanel No.5
  • Chanel Gabrielle Essence
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

With over 100 years of history, Chanel is a luxury fashion house with a unique line of clothing, jewelry, watches, and perfumes. It was founded by Coco Chanel in Paris in 1910. A wide selection of high-quality, long-lasting colognes are available at the store. A symbol of class and taste, some of their timeless scents include Chanel No.5 is one of the best classic perfumes for women.

Since 1909, her fashion house has stood for sophistication and opulence. Chanel fragrances continue to enchant, while staying true to their original magic that started the fragrance craze.

08. Dolce & Gabbana

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
  • Dolce & Gabbana The One
  • Dolce & Gabbana 3 L’IMPERATRICE

The luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana was founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in Italy. Men and women alike enjoy the elegance of their perfumes. Fragrances such as Light Blue and The One are popular around the world.

The first fragrance for women was launched by Dolce & Gabbana in 1992, nearly 30 years ago. Fashion house continues to embody timeless elegance through distinct scent profiles to suit all seasons, moods, and styles.

07. Calvin Klein Inc.

Calvin Klein Eternity

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • CK One
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria
  • Calvin Klein Eternity

Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein Inc. is an American fashion house based in Manhattan, New York City. In the world of perfumes, Calvin Klein is one of the most popular brands. Among their merchandise are a wide variety of clothes, accessories, and perfumes for men and women. Known for his hypnotic perfumes and colognes, Calvin Klein has attracted millions of loyal customers.

You will always find 3-4 CK fragrances among the top selling fragrances each year. Many of those best sellers have been around for decades.

06. Prada

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • Prada Les Infusions Iris
  • Prada Amber
  • Prada L’HOMME

Known for its handbags, perfumes, ready-to-wear and other accessories, Prada is an Italian luxury brand. There is an extensive range of perfumes from Prada featuring sweet nectar, cedar, rose, citrus, and musk notes.

Prada Amber, one of the first fragrances launched by the brand and had an amber-heavy scent, shook up the industry when it debuted in 2004. Since then, the brand has remained a favorite of women around the world, as it leads the fragrance world.

05. Marc Jacobs

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Intense
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
  • Marc Jacobs Perf Eau So Intense

Two fundamental concepts guided the creation of Marc Jacobs International with Robert Duffy in 1984: a dedication to quality and a love of fashion. From ready-to-wear to accessories, perfumes, and makeup, the brand offers a global vision of fashion.

It is no secret that Marc Jacobs’s perfume is loved worldwide. The scent profiles and timeliness designs are two of the reasons Marc Jacobs perfume collection remains relevant. Despite expanding the range of scents, they remain sweet, clean, or fresh and floral, making them ideal for daily use.

04. Tom Ford

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • TOM FORD Métallique
  • TOM FORD Oud Wood

Known for luxury and exclusiveness, Tom Ford is one of the most celebrated American fashion designers of the 21st century. With high awareness, favorable market positioning and high margins, Tom Ford is firmly established among the elite group of megabrands.

Tom Ford fragrances are simply unbeatable. Ford began his venture into beauty by developing private blends of fragrances, all of which have become world famous.

03. Guess

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • GUESS Marciano
  • GUESS Bella Vita Rosa
  • GUESS Man Forever Cologne

The Guess brand is an American clothing company that also offers perfumes, bags, watches, and shoes. With the introduction of their first perfume lineup in 2005, Guess has expanded their product range to the point where other well-known perfume brands are competing against them.

Designed with confidence and elegance in mind, their fragrance and perfume ranges capture the essence of their brand. With notes of fruits and flowers, their perfumes are very engaging.

02. Yves Saint Laurent

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
  • Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris
  • Yves Saint Laurent Libre

Yves Saint Laurent is a legend among designers. There is an imprint of sophistication still evident to this day in the work of the French couturier. The YSL brand is actually the first beauty and fragrance label associated with a fashion house. A major goal of Yves Saint Laurent’s was to dress women from top to bottom, and perfume was naturally an important component.

01. Versace

Versace Perfume

Top 3 Fragrances:

  • Versace Bright Crystal Absolu
  • Versace Eros
  • Versace Yellow Diamond

Gianni Versace founded Versace, an Italian luxury brand offering ready-to-wear, leather accessories, and fragrances. Versace offers a wide variety of perfumes and colognes, including some of the most expensive perfumes. Couture Deluxe Tuberose is Versace’s most expensive perfume, based on jasmine flowers.

With a wide range of scents and notes, Versace’s perfumes are recognizable across generations.

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